Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Convertible Mania!

Strapless?  Halter-neck?  Cross-strapped?  Or short waterfall-sleeves?  Imagine having one dress that looks like a completely different dress every time you wear it!  Ever since I stopped just dreaming about new designs and started getting my hands dirty by actually producing them, I've been thinking about what my next collection of designs will be based on.  I keep coming back to the idea of creating a range of convertible know...dresses that can be worn in infinite ways.

Convertible or reversible clothes just make a lot of sense, don't they?  I mean, think about it...whenever you can't figure out what on earth to wear, you can have a go-to dress that you almost automatically reach for and creatively remodel every time: that's style sense.  Secondly, with the worldwide recession running its course, getting your hands on one dress that converts into many others means staying fashionable becomes easier on the pocket: that's economic sense.

Here is what is going on my inspiration board (but watch this space for my very own version of the convertible dress coming soon!):

Red dress by Von Vonni
Blue dress: 7-in-1 dress by Avon

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