Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Convertible Mania!

Strapless?  Halter-neck?  Cross-strapped?  Or short waterfall-sleeves?  Imagine having one dress that looks like a completely different dress every time you wear it!  Ever since I stopped just dreaming about new designs and started getting my hands dirty by actually producing them, I've been thinking about what my next collection of designs will be based on.  I keep coming back to the idea of creating a range of convertible know...dresses that can be worn in infinite ways.

Convertible or reversible clothes just make a lot of sense, don't they?  I mean, think about it...whenever you can't figure out what on earth to wear, you can have a go-to dress that you almost automatically reach for and creatively remodel every time: that's style sense.  Secondly, with the worldwide recession running its course, getting your hands on one dress that converts into many others means staying fashionable becomes easier on the pocket: that's economic sense.

Here is what is going on my inspiration board (but watch this space for my very own version of the convertible dress coming soon!):

Red dress by Von Vonni
Blue dress: 7-in-1 dress by Avon

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Pick of the week: Hand-made jewelry

I've always been amazed at how fashionista's manage to look stunning with sometimes the simplest of clothes.  Then it dawned on me....accesories, accesories, accesories.  When my twin and I were shopping in the fashionable city of Cape Town last year, my older sister (who was hosting us) could not emphasise the value of accesories enough.  Whether its that glittery scarf, those statement earrings or that big, bold ring, your accesories can literally make or break the way you look.

So when I met Lynn and saw the appeal of the beautiful hand-crafted pendant necklace she was wearing,  I was beyond excited at the prospect of matching the clothes I had designed to her custom-made jewelry.

All jewelry by Alyssandra

Monday, June 14, 2010

It's show time!

Clothes? Check! Models? Check! Nerves? Gotta keep those in check!

After months of dreaming up fanciful designs, translating those mere dreams into elaborate sketches, marching around (seemingly endlessly) for the right fabrics, hooking up with experienced tailors, going to great lengths to communicate my ideas to them and evaluating the finished products (ah! out of breath), it's finally come down to this... the Jabula 10K Fashion Show. Voila!